Setting up a nursing home care plan

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When you or a loved one are going into a nursing home in New York, you are likely to have many questions. You trust nursing home staff to take good care of you or your loved one and this is done through a nursing home care plan.

A nursing home care plan is a health assessment that takes place upon admission to a nursing home. The plan must be completed within 14 days of admission.

What information goes into a nursing home care plan?

The plan consists of many components, including the type of health or personal services that are necessary, how often the services are needed, any required equipment and the type of staff necessary to provide the services.

There are usually specific healthcare goals involved in a care plan. The care plan should include information about how these goals will be reached. Depending on you or your loved one’s health condition, the goal might be to maintain the current condition or to eventually leave the nursing home.

A good care plan is customized to the individual patient. It should include detailed information on any necessary medications, including what they are, how often they must be administered and any potential side effects to watch for. Information on dietary restrictions or food preferences should also be included.

How often is a care plan reviewed?

Once a care plan is in place, it must be reviewed on a regular basis. Another health assessment should be conducted at least 90 days after the first one or more frequently depending on the individual’s health condition. Changes should be made to the care plan if necessary.

Nursing home staff should keep you informed on the contents of the care plan and answer your questions. You have the right to play an active role in developing your care plan. A family member or other third-party may also be involved in creating the care plan with your permission.