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A special needs trust is there for your child after your death

You're getting older, and you know that there will come a time when you won't be able to care for your child any longer. They have special needs, and you've cared for them your entire life.

You want to make sure that they will have support when they need it in the future. It is essential that you start planning now. You can start doing so with a special needs trust.

What is probate, and what does the process entail?

Probate is a term – more specifically a legal process – that many people don’t fully understand until they confront it up close and personally. That is, probate’s details and particulars often don’t become clear for affected individuals and families until a loved one has died.

That signal event marks the juncture when probate becomes immediately relevant in most estate administration scenarios.

Key factors that often spur estate planning decision making

Here’s a time-honored truism about estate planning for New York residents and other individuals across the country: It is seldom the case that any person gets proactive about crafting a strategy and plan absent some motivating factor for doing so.

That’s not simply to say that most of us are sofa surfers when it comes to taking action concerning our families, finances, health and other important matters. Rather, it’s just human nature that most people are a bit passive in acting without some advance catalyst compelling them to do so.

In-home care? Make sure you add it to your elder care plan

Home health care can be essential for the elderly and for those who cannot take care of themselves on their own. In-home care services can be expensive, though, which is a problem if you don't plan for it.

You may think that in-home care won't be something you need, but think about all it can provide. You could stay in your home instead of going to a nursing home or assisted-living facility, for example. For that reason and others, many people choose in-home care as they age.

A few core considerations regarding nursing homes

If you’re lucky, you, your spouse or other family loved ones will never need to spend much if any extended time in a longer-term care facility.

Those come in varied configurations in New York and nationally. In today’s Pope Law Firm blog post, we’re primarily talking nursing homes.

Elder law: a complex, multi-faceted estate planning area

We acknowledge at the practiced Western New York estate planning Pope Law Firm serving individuals and families from multiple offices in the state a commonly held belief among many people concerning the elder law realm.

That view is this: Elder law is a fairly simple legal category addressing a limited number of narrow issues.

Comprehensive estate planning: often more than just a will

What exactly is estate planning? And what does it encompass?

Those are seemingly simple questions. Candidly, though, they don’t offer up easy responses that point to any similar-in-every-case answer.

Do these important things after a car wreck

A car wreck is a traumatic event for many people. Even when you don't suffer any physical injuries, it can take a while for your mind to calm down and for the adrenaline levels in your body to return to normal. These impacts can make it difficult for you to think about what steps you need to take immediately after the crash.

One of the most important things for you to remember is that you must always stop if there is a crash. If you're in a safe spot, you don't need to move your vehicle. If it's in the middle of the road and you can safely move it to shoulder, that might be a good idea. Remember, your primary focus right now is remaining safe.

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