Ensuring Generations Of Success With A Family Business Succession Plan

A successful family business represents years of hard work and sacrifice. You spent significant time, capital and effort building it, but now you need a plan in place to keep it going after you step away. It cannot be overstated; a business succession plan is just as important to the ongoing success of your business as the daily operations. For help developing and implementing a succession plan, turn to the experienced lawyers at Pope Law Firm, PLLC.

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Succession Planning For Family Business Is Essential To Survival

Although family-owned businesses account for nearly half of the gross domestic product and play a vital role in the national economy, many fail after the first generation. The lack of a succession plan is a leading reason less than a third of family-owned businesses make it to the second generation and less than 12 percent survive to the third. Prevent your business from suffering that fate by creating a succession plan.

Procrastination Can Be Devastating

A conversation about your mortality or the possibility of incapacity may not be appealing, but failing to discuss business and financial matters with your heirs can devastate a business. Having a succession plan for your business in place shields it from tax consequences and major transition problems. It can also offer protection in the event of a divorce.

Advance planning is critical to a successful transfer of ownership and responsibility, and business advisors recommend a minimum of five years to implement a succession plan. Starting the succession planning early allows you to cultivate the strengths your successors and identify and limit potential weakness. A succession plan can also promote and maintain stability and unity between family members.

Protect Your Business By Having A Plan In Place

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