Talk about elder care planning before it is too late

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It may seem like the right time to address elder care planning needs is when a person has reached at least the age of retirement. Unfortunately, this is often too late for individuals to prepare for the costs and questions that often arise when elder care needs become relevant. Elder care planning is a matter that many Buffalo families should consider discussing when adults are young and fully engaged in the decision-making process.

The role of capacity in elder care planning

One reason that elder care planning should be undertaken before age and potential disability set in is that a person must have the mental capacity to make important decisions about their pending care. Legal documents such as healthcare proxies and living wills must be executed by individuals who understand what their legal documents put into effect. Once a person loses their ability to understand these important issues, they may lose their ability to have a say in their future care.

The role of information sharing in families

When families put off elder care planning discussions, they do themselves the disservice of letting the members’ interests and preferences go unheard. A family that has an elder care planning talk can determine what its older members wish to see happen with their care as they age and need support. It can help younger family members understand what financial obligations they may need to bear to provide their loved ones with safe, stable living conditions in their older age.

Having a talk about elder care planning can be difficult, but families do not have to take it on alone. Attorneys who provide counseling and guidance on elder care matters can work with individuals and their loved ones who hope to get their long-term, nursing home, and elder care planning needs settled before they become needed. This post does not offer any legal advice or guidance to its readers.