In-home care? Make sure you add it to your elder care plan

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Elder Law And Nursing Home Issues, Medicaid Planning |

Home health care can be essential for the elderly and for those who cannot take care of themselves on their own. In-home care services can be expensive, though, which is a problem if you don’t plan for it.

You may think that in-home care won’t be something you need, but think about all it can provide. You could stay in your home instead of going to a nursing home or assisted-living facility, for example. For that reason and others, many people choose in-home care as they age.

What are some of the things that in-home health care providers can do for you?

Some of the things that in-home care providers may be able to do include:

  • Changing dressings
  • Assisting with personal hygiene
  • Maintaining a schedule of appointments and health-care visits
  • Providing medications to the patient
  • Disposing of medications that are not needed
  • Conducting safety checks
  • Greeting and supervising home care professional and health care professions who are visiting
  • Communicating with family
  • Paying medical bills
  • Providing instructions or training to family members or friends

Looking at a list like this, it’s easy to see how these services could be costly. With someone who is trained to do so much, the pay rate is higher. You should accommodate for the need for long-term care or in-home care in your estate plan, so that you know what will happen if you do need those kinds of assistance in the future.

Our website has more on in-home care and why it’s something that you should think about when planning for your elder care needs.