Whether you’re driving home from an evening out with friends, or you and your spouse are on the way to pick up your children after going to dinner, if you have had too much to drink and are stopped by the police, you may find yourself suffering the shock and shame of facing DUI/DWI charges.

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Personalized Service: Because Every Story Is Different

Many of the people we represent for DUI/DWI come to us because they know we will discreetly and effectively handle their case. For some, the legal consequences of an arrest — a tarnished criminal record, jail time, expensive fines, probation and mandatory community service, loss of a driver’s or commercial license — can have a significant personal and professional impact that only an attorney can help mitigate.

In addition to the fines and the possibility of jail time, those arrested and convicted of DUI/DWI must also endure the embarrassment of being unable to drive their children to school because they lost their license or because their case was publicized in their community.

At Pope Law Firm, PLLC, we put our decades of experience into building a strong defense, whether this is your first arrest or your second DUI. Whether negotiating with the prosecution for a generous plea agreement or gathering evidence to take your case to trial, we will stand by your side and protect you and your family’s best interests.

Acting Quickly Can Make All The Difference In Building A Drunk Driving Defense

No matter what your personal situation is — a student at the University of Buffalo or an executive working downtown — working with a lawyer offers you the best chance of avoiding the numerous consequences of a DUI/DWI arrest.

The moments after an arrest are critical. By securing our counsel, we can immediately gather evidence, protect your rights and see that nothing is overlooked when building a criminal defense strategy.

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