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A Child-Focused Approach To Custody Solutions

During a divorce, child custody negotiations can quickly escalate to a contentious dispute. At Pope Law Firm, PLLC, we understand the emotional significance of child custody, visitation and relocation matters. We strive to keep the well-being of you and your child at the forefront during the process. Our firm approaches each case with a focus on obtaining a mutually beneficial custody arrangement through compromise and negotiation. If an agreement cannot be reached peacefully, we fight diligently to protect your right to time with your child.

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Preserving The Parent-Child Relationship

A divorce ends the romantic relationship between parents, but it should not hinder the relationship between a parent and a child. New York law follows the best interests of the child doctrine and encourages custody arrangements that promote parent-child relationships.

New York divides custody into two types, legal and physical custody. Legal custody concerns the ability to make important decisions about the child. Physical custody refers to where the child lives after a divorce or separation. Parents can jointly share both types of custody; however, the courts may award sole legal custody when parents cannot cooperate.

When determining a physical custody arrangement, New York courts consider:

  • The child’s age and preference, if the child is at an age and maturity level to express their interests
  • Each parent’s financial, mental and physical health
  • Each parent’s lifestyle
  • Any history of substance or child abuse
  • The child’s regular routine
  • Existing child care arrangements
  • Stability of the home environment
  • Educational opportunities
  • The effect of separation from any siblings
  • Any existing custody arrangements or arrangements outlined in a premarital agreement
  • The emotional bond between parent and child

A Personalized Strategy

Our family law attorneys review all applicable factors and present evidence tailored to your strengths. Let us help you achieve an outcome that suits you and your child. We will fight to help protect your custody rights.

To start the process, call (716)634-3320 to speak with a lawyer or reach us online. We offer appointments at our Williamsville, Lockport, Buffalo and Niagara Falls offices.