What are the different workers’ compensation benefits available?

What are the different workers’ compensation benefits available?

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Workers’ compensation benefits are a valuable resource to workers and their families struggling through a workplace injury and the harm one causes. Injured workers and their families should be familiar with workers’ compensation benefits and how they may be able to help them through the challenges a workplace accident can bring into their lives.

Benefits under New York law

There are several different categories of workers’ compensation benefits that may be available to injured workers who have suffered a workplace injury in New York.

  • Healthcare benefits: include general medical benefits, surgical benefits, dental benefits, optometry benefits, medically necessary medications and assistive devices. Healthcare benefits should be paid directly for the injured worker.
  • Lost wages benefits: injured workers are entitled to receive lost wages benefits if the workplace injury they suffered keeps them away from work for greater than 7 days or their hours have been reduced because they are performing a different job following their injury. Injured workers can receive a portion of their wages and the amount they receive depends on the extent of their disability due to the workplace injury they suffered.
  • Survivor benefits: if the injured worker dies in a fatal workplace accident, or dies as a result of an occupational illness, surviving spouses and dependents may be able to receive weekly cash benefits. In addition, benefits for funeral expenses may also be available.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers and families who have lost a loved one on-the-job. These benefits can be critical to both injured workers and families who should have an understanding of the types of benefits that may be available and how to obtain those benefits.